Friday, September 18, 2009

UFC 103 Franklin Vs. Belfort

Saturday, September 19, 2009 UFC will be in Texas going head-to-head with the Mayweather fight. This is an exciting event with a full fight card. While it doesn't have the star power of some more popular cards this event will feature some very good match-ups.

Main Event: Rich Franklin (27-4, 1 NC) Vs. Vitor Belfort (18-8)
This fight marks the return of one of the UFC's firts stars. Vitor Belfort has not fought for the UFC since UFC 51 in February of 2005. Vitor has been fighting with other organizations including Pride FC and Affliction since leaving the UFC in 2005.
Rich Franklin will be looking to get another win at 195 lbs, after defeating Wanderlei Silva at UFC 99. Franklin finds himself in limbo between weight divisions as he is not ranked in the 185 or 205 weight classes (because of his fights at 195 which is not an actual weight division).
This fight should prove to be a stand-up war as both fighters are solid strikers. Franklin is the more technical of the two but belfort has very fast hands and knock-out power. The only way I see this fight going to the ground is if Franklin gets tagged and decides he wants to take it to the ground. Franklin has a suspect chin and if he doesn't move his head Vitor will knock it off.
Outcome: Franklin via Unanimous Decision

Mirko Filipovic (26-6-2, 1NC) Vs. Junior Dos Santos (8-1)
This will be another stand-up battle. Both men are known as knock-out artists. Cro Cop is back on contract with the UFC after rumors spread of his jump back to Japan and the Dream organization.
I would like to see Cro Cop back in form with his devastating head kicks. Dos Santos has won his last two fight via KO or TKO. I see this fight being fast paced with Dos Santos coming in quickly and hard.
Outcome: A hungry Cro Cop gets a TKO victory in Rd 2

Martin Kampmann (15-2) Vs. Paul Daley (21-8-2)
Originally this fight was supposed to be Kampmann Vs. Swick for a no. 1 contender spot but Swick had to bow out due to injury.
I don't know much about Daley so I can't make an accurate call on this fight. Kampmann looks to be in good shape and ready to fight. I would think that short notice and UFC jitters will put Daley at a disadvantage.
Outcome: Kampmann via Split Decision

UFC is a large card and I don't have time to make comments an all of the fights but I will recommend a couple things that should be watched for. Look for some Old UFC veterans to be fighting on this card. First Frank Trigg is making a return after mixed success in other organizations. Vladimir Matyushenko will also be returning.

Look for a longer time frame in the future. I am thinking of reviewing a fight a day leading to the event from now on.

Brad's New Blog!

Hello everyone!
I have decided to try blogging. Everyone knows that I am opinionated so this made sense.
I was trying to think about what I would write about. I am not a fantastic writter like my Wife so I can't really tell tales like she does. I don't have amazing art to show to the world like Rob. I am not...well...crazy like Meagan. So I came up with another idea.
I am going to write about MMA. It is done all over the place but it might quench my urge to talk about it all of the time.
Look for a post in the near future as I am now out of creativity.